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Welcome to Quinta Essentia, I am excited to announce that I have decide to expand my practice and to incorporate a new and improved website into my business. For those of you who are new, My name is Bradley Thomas. I have been working with various energy therapies for the past nineteen years, and have created a unique style of my own that has proven very effective. Over the years, I have incorporated many different modalities into my practice; all of which you can read about on the "Our Team" page, and/or the "Commonly Used Modalities" page. I provide both in person therapy sessions and remote energy healing for many different ailments. Due to the pandemic that we all are facing at this time, I feel that it is important for me to make my services available to a wider clientele, many of whom are dealing with the effects of this disease, directly or indirectly. Therefore, this website has been created for the sole purpose of providing remote healing to those who need it the most. This form of healing allows me to work with you from anywhere, whenever you need it the most. That may be in the privacy of your own home, in a hospital room, or with a group of your loved ones. As a disclaimer, I do not profess to be a miracle worker, and my therapy is not intended to be viewed as a substitute or replacement for other forms of healthcare. I use Quinta Essentia Energy, also known as Life Force Energy to enable your body to naturally heal itself. Most energy therapists are more forceful, trying to manipulate your body or energy to do what they want it to do. My practice is to simply raise your body's own energy, allowing it to repair itself in any manner that it sees fit.

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