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Quinta Essentia Therapist



Quinta Essentia Therapist

About Me: 

As a child, I was very sickly. I spent most of my early life in and out of the hospitals, enduring a series of extensive surgeries. By the time I reached the age of eighteen, I realized that my journey with western medicine had taken my health as far as it could. As a result, I began to explore the possibilities of what eastern medicine could do for me. Over the next three years, to my amazement and relief, I was able to start living my life more freely, without having to plan everything around doctor appointments. My health was steadily improving, and the need for constant care drastically diminished. At the age of twenty-two, my health had stabilized, and I had begun a new journey towards becoming an Energy Practitioner. I wanted to help other people with similar stories to my own, and empower them to take control of their own journeys toward greater quality of life.  Initially, I became a Massage and Bodywork Therapist. Gradually, I found my way to a number of Energy Modalities that ultimately transformed my practice into something new and unique. Among these modalities were Quantum Touch, QiGong, and Emotional Release Therapy; all of which are now an essential part of the work that I do. I also found Color Therapy and vibrational techniques, such as the use of tuning forks, to be effective healing methods and are now an inseparable part of my practice.  Throughout my subsequent years of study, I also had a desire to understand the subconscious mind, eventually becoming a Certified Medical Hypnotist. One day, I heard  rumor of studies being done in an effort to combine the theories of Western and Eastern medicine; one example being the incorporation of essential oils during surgical procedures to decrease the amount of anesthesia needed for said procedures. Naturally, I was excited about this possibility. Having extensive experience as a patient of Western Medicine, and thereafter as a practitioner of Eastern Medicine, I decided that I wanted to a part of this movement. I temporarily put aside my practice and enrolled as a nursing student. In 2013, I received my Bachelors in Nursing degree and began working to bring these two great worlds together. Over the past eight years, I have experienced many different aspects of the nursing profession and have found that one of the most commonly used places of Eastern Medicine Theory is in the field of Hospice and Palliative Care. For clarification, this form of care does not always indicate that a patient is actively dying. It simply means that with their level of illness, they need specialized care. The use of live music, including harpists, singing bowl therapists, massage therapists, aromatherapists, meditation classes, and intention therapy classes all aided in the alleviation of symptoms from this class of patient. I have seen many wonderful successes with my patients, not only in the alleviation of symptoms, but also in making full recoveries through the use of hands-on healing and Remote Energy Healing. To be clear, I never engage with a patient’s energy, without having received explicit permission to do so. It is through all of these personal experiences that I have decided that my skills are needed now more than ever. We have all been affected by these unprecedented times, and I believe that, at this time, my services are best rendered in the healing of people through the Eastern Traditions of Energy Work. I will be continuing my practice with my current in person, hands-on clientele. However, I have decided that the most effective way to help a wider range of people will be through exclusively accepting new patients into the remote healing portion of my practice. I apologize for any inconvience that may result from this decision.

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