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75% off Services thanks to a Generous Client

Happy New Year, Welcoming a Wonderful 2022!!

Today I received a wonderful letter of appreciation from one of my regular clients and I have been given permission to share part of it as it now has something to do with you.

"I have never felt such sudden peace as when you worked on me. I was dying; I knew it, my family knew it, but you disagreed. When the first session started I felt peace, love, and hope. I had tingling sensations that ran through my body and at one point I even thought I was having a hot flash, but when the session ended I felt amazing. I had energy, motivation, and desire to continue fighting. After a couple sessions I come to you now to let you know that I will live. Words cannot describe the appreciation that I have, So I have decided to donate money to share this miracle with others that need it."

So in honor of this anonymous client the next 100 Sessions will be discounted to 75% off and the following 100 bookings will be 50% off. Please use the Code “Gift” at checkout to take advantage of the generous charity of this individual and family. This offer is available 1 time to each person booking. This offer can be used by regular and new clients alike. May 2022 be filled with Health, Happiness, and Love!

Blessing and Love,

Bradley Thomas

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