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What is Remote Healing? Does it Really Work?

This recent shift of my attention from taking on new clients both remotely and in-person to strictly remote work (unless there is a specific need) has brought up many questions from my loyal clients and new clients alike. So, for this reason I have decided to start off my blog for my new “Remote Healing” branch of Quinta Essentia by addressing the first and most common question right now.

What is Remote Healing? Does it really work?

To answer this, first we must look at what is energy work? In physics we learn that all things are made up of molecules and all molecules are in constant motion. This motion is a vibrational signature and is felt by everything surrounding it. Let us take for example if you walk into a room with a group of people that are happy you seem to feel happy yourself. The same is true in reverse, if you walk into a room and everybody is sad, you will soon feel these same emotions.

Everything has a vibrational signature; emotions, colors, lights, trees, plants, rocks, etc. So, what energy work is in its most basic sense is that we are adjusting the vibrational signature to promote healing and well-being and un blocking obstacles that are causing an imbalance of this vibrational flow through our bodies and lives. Take for example a grandfather clock, if you have 2 grandfather clocks in the same room and the pendulums are not synchronized you will notice that within a few weeks that they will naturally (energetically) synchronize and swing at the same pace. Scientists call this phenomenon "entrainment", some claim that this is from the second clock and that the weaker clock entrains to the stronger while others claim it is the outside source of light and circadian rhythm that causes this synchronicity. Either way it is energetically "balancing" through the energies around it. There are many different modalities (techniques) in which we can use to work on someone’s energy, each with their own benefits and restrictions but what works best will be unique for each practitioner and patient which is why I intuitively uses many different techniques during a session in order to find the optimal balance for each client as an individual.

Remote Energy Work?

Now you ask, How can I adjust and balance someone’s vibrational essence from thousands of miles away? Well, let me ask you, How can you use a cordless cell phone and call someone in another country? How can we bounce “energy” off of satellites to transmit our voices in real time? Energy surrounds every aspect of our lives and can travel at far greater speeds and distances than most of us can even imagine. We use this in everyday life through internet, phones, TV, and radios, so why not for healing. It is natural to think that there must be two devices one to transmit this signal and then another to catch the signal on the opposite end. Well, you would be correct, but you are forgetting that we as humans are the most complex and adaptable devices out there. Distance Energy practitioners are trained to transmit and receive energy for optimal healing and wellbeing for our clients. While each person is naturally able to receive signals of energy from anywhere, hence the reason we can feel someone else's emotions.

Does it work?

Everybody instinctively uses energy healing in one form or another. Our first reaction to a stubbed toe is to hold the injury and take deep breaths, that is the backbone to most energy modalities such as Reiki, Qigong, and Quantum touch. Another example is the "let me kiss it and make it better," method. This method symbolically showing and directing your intentention and healing energy where you desire it to go. It is not only comforting but it trully does have healing effects. Each of us will have a different Idea of what it takes to prove that energy healing works but my example that you can read more fully about in the "Our Team" page about how I was in and out of surgeries and doctors offices throughout my first 18 years of life until i tried energy healing also reffered to as Eastern Medicine at which time I slowly began to heal and recover to the point that I only go to a doctor for yearly check ups. I have seen some incredible miracles since I have started working as a practitioner of energy and am excited for each of you to find your own testimonial.

As I am writing this I have decided to opened up Nov 4th as a COVID-19 Relief day to offer free group sessions. This Covid Relief group has been formed with the intention to alleviate some amount of the stress and/or grief that we have all been feeling over the past two years. The losses, whether personal, material, or spiritual, have been too numerous to count. If you have been significantly impacted by Covid -19, this group is for you. Through the process of balancing the body, mind, and spirit, we are hoping to provide a means, whereby people can take back control of their lives. See for yourself if there is more to this movement toward natural and energetic healing that is sweeping this nation.

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