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In an Energy Healing Session, the therapist intuitively uses dialogue and several different energy modalities, simultaneously, to assist in raising your life force energy. This provides the tools needed for your body to heal: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. These modalities include, but are not limited to; reiki, chakra clearing, emotional release, and polarity therapy. These modalities aid in the body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself. Throughout these healing sessions, you will be cultivating a sense of self-love, self-compassion, and self-awareness, bringing to light any and all subconscious obstacles that have impeded your ability to thrive. Healing painful obstacles from both past and present allows you to create the life you’re divinely meant to live. These sessions will also help you to connect with your truest and most authentic self, while clearing away any and all limiting beliefs, emotional wounds, stagnation, and unhealthy patterns. Throughout this journey, you are in charge of how much you heal and how quickly you do it.

Together, you and your therapist will discuss, identify, and work through any and all obstacles that have manifested themselves in daily living and have led you to feel trapped in a life that no longer feels stable and balanced.  If you decide to embark on this journey toward health and wholeness, you will be allowing Life Force Energy the opportunity to bring your mind, body, and spirt into greater balance. Imagine your life with less stress, relationship trauma, self-doubt, insecurities, co-dependent behaviors, and beliefs that no longer serve you. You are a unique, divine being of love and light. This is your journey, and yours alone. There are no miracle cures here; only the very real results of the hard work that it takes to give yourself the love and attention that you deserve. 

What to Expect for 1 on 1 session

Each Session (Unless otherwise discussed), is conducted over the phone using dialogue, Life Force Energy, and a connection to your Higher Self. This will assist you in the process of recognizing how and where your body and/or energy field (aura), may be holding emotional, energetic, and physical blockages. Once these blockages have been identified, discussed, felt, and processed, Life Force Energy is used to assist in the clearing and elimination of the obstacles that have been preventing you from achieving your best self. The ultimate goal of this process is to manifest balance for the mind, body, and spirit. Unlike other therapists that may try to force healing in one way or another, we simply help your mind and body learn the tools necessary to continuously heal themselves. It is important to realize that all healing is self-healing. Here, we will utilize the tools necessary to help you find the healing within yourself.

Preparing for a Session:

1: Have a designated quiet space, free from distractions, that allows you to relax and feel comfortable, and provides some amount of privacy to engage in a conversation with your therapist. 

2: Ensure that your phone is fully charged, and determine the most comfortable method for easy listening, for the duration of the session. (eg: speaker phone, headset, earbuds, etc.)

3: While it is not necessary, most people enjoy listening to some background music of their own choosing throughout the session; this is because there will be extended periods of silence while their therapist is working. If you would like to have music playing in the background, please feel free to select anything that has significant meaning for you. However, please ensure that you are able to hear your therapist's voice clearly at all times.

Please also keep in mind that you will be on the phone for the duration of the session. This means that you will need to be using a separate device for your music during said session.

4: Your therapist will call you on the number provided at the time of service. If your phone number ever changes, please reach out to us on the “Contact us” page and list “Phone Number Change” in the subject line.

We reserve the right to call up to five (5) minutes before the time of service to allow for the fact that not all clocks are synchronized, and there may be very slight time discrepancies. We also reserve the right to call up to ten (10) minutes after the start of service to allow for any extenuating circumstances. This, however, will not affect the previously allotted time for which your session was originally booked.

If we cannot reach you at the time of your appointment, we will make a second attempt after fifteen (15) minutes have elapsed. If this occurs, said fifteen (15) minutes will be deducted from your session.

*Please be aware that if, upon the second attempt, we still cannot reach you, your appointment will be considered a “No Show." Consequentially, YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED FOR THE SERVICE.

As a special note: In the event that you do not wish to remain on the phone with your therapist for the duration of the session, you may discuss this with your therapist during the initial consultation portion of the session. Accommodations for this can usually be made.

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