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May your Journey be filled with Love, Joy, and Healing!

Quinta Essentia


Remote Healing Therapy

Image by Alexander Andrews


"Long ago, when people believed that the earth was made up of four elements-earth, air, fire, and water- they thought the stars and planets were made up of yet another element. In the Middle Ages, people called the element by its Medieval Latin name, Quinta Essentia, literally meaning, "Fifth Essence." Our forebears believed the Quinta Essentia was essential to all kinds of matter, and if they could somehow isolate it, it would cure all disease." - Merriam-Webster Dictionary

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"I have never felt such sudden peace as when Bradley worked on me. I was dying; I knew it, my family knew it, but Bradley disagreed. When the session started I felt peace, love, and hope. I had tingling sensations through my body at one point I even thought I was having a hot flash but when the session ended I had energy, motivation, and desire to continue fighting. After a couple sessions I come to you now to let you know that I will live. Words cannot describe the appreciation that I have, So I have decided to donate money to share this miracle with others that need it." 


Located in Oregon
Working Remotely Wherever You Are

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